Bomb Cyclone Hits Grandmas House

The “Bomb Cyclone” Hits Grandmas House head on . . .

Our secret hideout is in the “State of Jefferson” (Google that). Here is the “before” picture:

“Grandmas House” . . . 

Before the “Bomb Cyclone”

By the time the bomb cyclone hit – we were hunkered down with all the supplies we needed . . .

Most of the locals took it in stride, except this one . . . 

We went for a walk and found that most of the locals enjoy this weather . . .

Shiver me Timbers . . . 

To be continued . . .


One Comment on “Bomb Cyclone Hits Grandmas House

  1. It’s been pouring in Palo Alto. I’m glad I took down the MA-160V because I forgot to take down my TV antenna, and it blew down and smashed. My friend Travis up in Tahoe says it’s really piling up there now too.


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