Bottled Spirit

There’s a Bearded Man in my Bottle!

In my last blog post, upon review, I saw a man in the bottle on the right. He looks like a religious character from the Bible – like John the Baptist maybe?

A close up of this mysterious “Religious Man in the Bottle”

Another thought was – its Monk Apollo – who gave me the QSO that put me on the ARRL DXCC Honor Roll!

Monk Apollo, SV2ASP/A (SK)

I appreciate Monk Apollo and his work all those years, and will always remember how he put SV2ASP/A on the air during the Greek Orthodox Holy Days – which were shifted ahead by a week or so ahead of the week between Christmas and New Years. In fact, I made it onto Honor Roll witha QSO on New Years Eve – 2012/3. So while this is amusing – it does bring back a good memory.

My favorite QSL card – for many reasons besides the ARRL DXCC Honor Roll aspect

Of course, then my mind wandered to an Imperial Russian Stout that I just happen to have in the cupboard:

The Most Excellent Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout – by North Coast Brewing

Yes, I DO have too much time on my hands – and I am enjoying this immensely!

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