Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

Grandma’s Neighbors House in the Snow

Way back in 1981 I graduated from Lock Haven State College in Pennsylvania, and I had been recruited to work for Kodak in Rochester, NY. I had other offers from IBM and AT&T, but Kodak had the best offer by far. I lived in Fairport, NY and worked in Greece, NY – across the city of Rochester. I only lasted a year there – it wasn’t the Lake Effect Snow – but the constant rain that got to me.


Growing up in Newton, NJ, we had plenty of snow and rain, but the weather was still much better than in Rochester. All these years later I also realize that when you are working and you have the weekends off – you don’t want crummy weather all the time. Growing up in Newton, since I was going to school, it really didn’t matter too much – in fact we loved snow days. In Rochester, with just about every day being rain or snow – I finally threw in the towel and moved to California – where my parents had moved to 3 years prior.

Balun Designs 4:1 QRP unun in the Snow

Being in the middle of a major snowstorm – which is really a blizzard of sorts – I can reflect on those days from my past and re-assess how I feel about snow and cold weather. I’m loving it – since I have plenty to do in the house – Ham Radio, Reading, Blogging and even doing indoor photography.

Grandmothers other neighbor – and last leaves of Autumn

We went on a nice walk in the snow storm, and we happen to be in a place where outdoor sports is big – and where there are even outdoor (covered) lots with food trucks with great food, great coffee places and great beer. People are outdoors year round – and I love the spirit – it reminds me of when the kids in my neighborhood rejoiced on a snow day from school and went sledding and build huge igloos.

Colored bottles with Snow falling outside

Wow – what a great trip down memory lane. I actually prefer cooler weather, and when we retire – we will head most likely toward the mountains or high desert. I am really loving the 4 season feel that I remember from my childhood days, and I realize that in retirement – with time on my hands and no more hubub of work, the weather won’t matter much.

I also love going to “Living History” museums, so there is that.

I’m still loving work, so I don’t know when I will retire – but I expect it won’t be for at least 5 years, but when I do, I have a good idea where I will head for and what I will do with my spare time.

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