QRPGuys Para40Set vs. Four States QRP Club Bayou Jumper

While I have so much time on my hands and where I am enjoying myself – just letting my mind run free like the snow driven wind outside, lets compare the two Paraset Spy Radio schematics that I have. First, the Para40Set by QRPGuys:

The Para40Set Spy Transceiver by QRPGuys

The benefit of this kit is that it is a transceiver and it does have a frequency readout (although that is not true to the original Paraset of course). The rig can switch between two crystals (under the cover). Here is an example of what the rig looks like:

The Para40Set with EFHW End Fed Antenna Tuner

The layout of the Para40Set

The benefit of the Para40Set is that it is a transceiver – the Bayou Jumper is a transmitter / receiver. The Para40Set also has a built in fine tune.

The Bayou Jumper Receiver

The Bayou Jumper Transmitter

The Four States QRP Club “Bayou Jumper” Paraset Spy Radio

The board for the Bayou Jumper – Receiver and Transmitter

The Bayou Jumper is a 5 watt radio – which is a big advantage over the 3 watts that the Para40Set puts out. With the add on “Souper Upper” kit – the Bayou Jumper will have fine tune, side tone and a filter- so I have decided to build the Bayou Jumper and Souper Upper instead of the Para40Set. I also like the “retro” design of using a panel mounted crystal and that they even give you an old time crystal socket with an adapter for new crystals. This is what I used when I was a Novice with me Hallicrafters HT-40 transmitter. This plus the 5 watts alone are the “deal sealer” for me. I might incorporate the EFHW End Fed antenna tuner with the Bayou Jumper – but I would need to figure out how to measure power out – so I could tune for “maximum smoke”. I sure would like to see if I could figure out an S meter and / or power out circuit – I will have to ask people in the Bayou Jumper forum.

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