Bayou Jumper Transmit Meter? A Field Strength Circuit!

I built this 2 years ago and haven’t used it hardly at all

I posted on the 4 States QRP Club forum asking for ideas about what circuit would be good to just “approximate” being able to tune for “maximum smoke”. The first answer is right on – a simple Field Strength Meter.

It doesn’t require any power or a connection to the Bayou Jumper, Souper Upper or EFHW tuner circuits. In fact, I will just use a piece of wire as the antenna and after tuning up the crystal controlled Bayou Jumper transmitter – tune the Field Strength meter to read maximum power out somewhere on the meter scale that makes sense. This means I will have exactly what I want and as easy as can be.

I will even play with finding some old “power out” meter that is vintage.

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