HRO Receiver Was a Favorite of the “Y Service” in WWII

National HRO Receiver – photo from the Crypto Museum

The Crypto Museum web site is worth a look –

I am about a third of the way through “The Secret Listeners” and am enjoying it very much:

The Secret Listeners by Sinclair McKay

In the book, the receiver of choice for intercepting and decoding the enemy was the National HRO. The book goes into detail on what the conditions were like for the radio operator – and its mostly about receiving and mostly about Morse Code.

I appreciate that Sinclair was able to interview several people who would have been my parents generation for this book. I especially like the descriptions of what their lives were like and pretty much a behind the scenes accounting of WWII in the UK – where my Mom was from, and where I still have quite a few relatives.

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