Meter for Bayou Jumper

0 – 5 ma Meter for the Bayou Jumper – this will be perfect  – if I can get it to deflect “enough”

I will have to modify the (very simple) Field Strength meter circuit so this meter will approximate 0 to 5 watts output. I expect it will be as simple as changing with the potentiometer and antenna size and routing under the cover. I will avoid having to add a powered / amplified circuit as much as possible.

The simple “RF Sniffer” from ARRL QST October 1979 calls for a 0-50 ma meter

The original article erroneously left off one .01 uf capacitor . . . 

A reader suggested this circuit for a voltage doubler – so I will try each option and see what drives the meter best. The capacitors are both .01 uf and the diodes are both 1N34A Germanium diodes. I’m guessing the pot can be changed depending on sensitivity to the meter . . . I can even use the KX-3 set to 5 watts and then use a resistor in place of the pot (maybe). The entire circuit will be connected on the back of the meter – so that will be very easy.

If I can’t get the 0-5 ma meter to deflect “enough”, I do have this on hand:

A New Old Stock (NOS) meter that matches the circuit description

I’ll have a few meters to play with – and I do have one that does work nicely already – but its a VU meter which just doesn’t cut the “period” of the piece. Many times a “happy accident” will happen – so its fun to play around with different components.

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