“Au Naturel” Tannenbaum

Nature bats first and last

I do like the German Christmas Tree tradition, but haven’t had one in my house for a good 15 years. However, I have looked carefully at trees outdoors and found that they are better than anything I’ve dragged indoors.

Would you look at the “cotton” on this tree!

You just can’t beat Mother Nature . . . photo by Kat

Yesterday on a 2 mile walk around town, we walked past an apple tree that had old rotten apples – but looked really great. I wish I would have taken a picture of it – because against the snow it was quite striking.

Santa at the local Grocery Store . . . 

With so many stores (even grocery stores like this one!) with Christmas decorations – I have more fun taking pictures of how “merchandisers” decorate their trees – they always do a nice job.

One tree in California that looks awesome as a natural Christmas Tree is the Persimmon – or the Pomegranate. The orange and red on a leafless tree just looks like Christmas to me – even without the snow. A few years back I planted 3 redwood trees next to our creek – and they look great now. I do put up lights – but they are solar powered lights that I string up using some of my antenna rope and I go from tree to tree in the front yard.

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