New KY6R Shack / Workbench

A very nice workbench idea for my new shack

Since my station will have a lot more space now that the Collins Gold Dust Twins are being sold – I have space to expand my electronics work area (its really tight now). I already have the table and have parts drawers, so I will have one long shelf that runs the length of the bench area (a scandinavian dining room table with two “eaves”). The shelf will hold the oscilloscope and other test equipment, and underneath I will have the QRP rigs and various antenna switch boxes.

One thing I do need to do is set up a better way to mount the AC power strip that I have (a really good one), plus the array of power supplies. The National SW-3 will also be on the top shelf.

This will be fun, and I can set this up before I start on my “Spy Radio”. I guess the order will be:

  1. Move the Collins gear out of the shack
  2. Extend the table eaves
  3. Build one long shelf – perhaps using a nice piece of maple or (?)
  4. Mount the AC and DC power distribution
  5. Set up the radio gear
  6. Set up the test and soldering gear

Then I will start on my kit building. I can keep the QRP DXing station to the left – and the soldering and kit building to the right. Here is how the shack looks now:

As you can see – the Twins take up most of my shack space . . . 

I now have several people interested in the Twins – so I know they will sell for sure. Next chapter is on its way!

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