Happy Thanksgiving Trails – Ashland, Medford and Bend Oregon

Wagon at the High Desert Museum in Bend, Oregon

Wow – what an amazing week up in Bend.

“Grandma’s House …. In Bend. Before the “Bomb Cyclone”

We arrived in Bend last Monday after spending a great weekend in Medford and Ashland.

The window at Forager Coffee in Medford

We left a very dry Bay Area that had yet another power outage scare

Diablo Market in Lafayette, California, very much like Bends Newport Market one half block away from the house we stayed at in Bend

It was sunny and dry for our drive to Medford. We had a great lunch at a Mexican restaurant in Arbuckle. All of the local farmers and ranchers ate there – so that was a good sign.

We stopped in Ashland and had a nice pint at Caldera Brewing in Ashland. Then on to Medford. We stayed at an old Red Lion now called “The Inn at the Commons” and it’s now been upgraded to be hip but not pretentious or expensive. Their restaurant “Lark” is connected to the very popular Ashland Springs Hotel and Restaurant. It was phenomenal. Truly blew me away.

Forager Coffee in Medford – an old gas station converted to a fantastic coffee shop

We went on a killer hike on the mountains above Ashland and had lunch at “Pie and Vine”. Super good pizza and spaghetti and meatballs.

The drive from Medford to Bend just outside Crater Lake

My years of growing up in the Northeast and driving in snow came in handy as it started snowing on our way to Bend.

The Bomb Cyclone that hit Bend just after we arrived

Bomb Cyclone is a new big deal phrase for what we used to call a Blizzard, but Bomb Cyclone sure sounds more dramatic. OK, yeah, so we survived a Historic Bomb Cyclone!

Tokyo Starfish Dispensary in Bend

We walked everywhere and settled into a wonderful routine – early morning coffee and Ham Radio

Coffee and QRP

We went to the market daily – Newport Market one half block away

The wonderfully festive Newport Market in Bend

We would have lunch (Kat is a gourmet cook so lucky me!) and then go for a walk in the snow. Kat picked up these super cool “Yak Tracks” that you affix to your hiking shoes, and voila! Crampons for Urban Dwellers!

Late afternoon it was drinks and dinner with a little Ham Radio goofing around, then reading by the fireplace.

My latest book

I’ve posted plenty of other pictures, but this truly was one of my all time favorite vacations and little adventures. Our 8 hour drive home was perfect – we were in between storms, and had smooth sailing the entire way. Amazing!

I’m thankful to have a travelling partner whom I can share such wonderful times.

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