I Heart CCPA

Last July I started building a Data Catalog and React based front end app called the Data Discoverer. The app features a Data Catalog search and update and also has a business rules table query and update panel.

The Data Catalog part was a “known” – and I used it to “annotate” (document) more than 1000 database tables and a subset of quite a few files that are part of our business processes.

The one thing that was an “unknown” was what CCPA would mean (exactly) as far as what we would have to implement in our systems – and by the Engineering department. I sat through countless meetings with lawyers – both internal and external to our company. The California Attorney General finally released some details in late August – and Governor Newsom signed the bill into law mid October. The start date of the law is January 1, 2020 – so you can only imagine how all of the Data Driven companies are scrambling right now to prepare for this new law.

The business rule table that I designed was a very general purpose table – and it was meant to be something that could work for any “data protection” regulation. It still has merit, but we finally just got some serious details on what Engineering will have to do – and my joke is that CCPA is like Divorce – its not as bad as you feared or as good as you had hoped.

All kidding aside – CCPA adds some real serious protection to all Californians – and was instigated partly because of the Facebook Cambridge Analytica fiasco – where our Democracy was hacked – and also due to all of the other serious data breaches – Equifax, Wells Fargo and others – sadly – there are too many to list.

The other part of CCPA that is worth loving it for is that for the first time in my almost 40 year career – we will have laws that very seriously force companies to better manage data. Things were not so bad “before cloud computing” – but around 2010 – with Hadoop and Cloud computing emerging – disk became so cheap that companies piled data in the cloud. Disciplines like Data Science couldn’t get enough – and “Marcomm” (marketing communications) went nuts with Personalization and Email and Pop up Advertising. Its so bad – I can’t have the ringer on my phone on – and I spend a good hour each week deleting spam call messages on my phone. My web browser encounters so many pop up ads that the screen is now masked half way down – making even the Internet experience annoying.

The phrase “Data is the New Oil” is quite true – even as trite as that may seem. CCPA is a very serious new regulation – and only the ignorant will be against it – or perhaps the nefarious players that take your data and sell it without you knowing it – which is rampant these days – and which is about to be “disrupted”.

Here’s to 2020 and here’s to CCPA!

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