The QRP Lifestyle

Redwood Tree at Diablo Market in Lafayette, California

I’ve had the Gold Dust Twins listed for sale for several weeks, and at first I tried to sell everything as a package deal. I did receive two offers, but they ended up not being serious. I guess there are a lot of “lookie loos”.

The best looking Ham Radio gear ever

I changed the ad to be a “parting out” ad and then I received a ton of interest, and in every piece. That turned out to be the “turning point” of this story.

Santa ist und Der Haus

The deal I finally made was to sell the KWS-1, TR Switch and Speaker. That then made me realize I could still keep the Receiver, and build a small switch to use the speaker I use with the National SW-3 with the 75A4.

Having a couple vintage receivers and my fabulous KX-3 and IC-7300 just feels right and fits right. Bingo!

Sure enough, after rebuilding the equipment bench and placing the 75A4, I still had enough room for my oscilloscope, signal generator, Simpson VOM and bench power supply. I also now get a nice soldering area where I can listen to the SW-3, 75A4 or KX-3 (or even my Spy Radio) while building kits or playing with Raspberry Pi or Arduino.

Shack building is an underrated aspect of Ham Radio. Call it Ham Radio “Feng Sui”?

I’ve been learning more and more that things rarely go in life exactly as you plan, but pay attention and be a little flexible – things might turn out way better than you initially imaged.

I can now sail into 2019 with the next chapter of Ham Radio in hand. I’ve always, always, always been much more of an SWL than a transmitter. I also love to tinker.

Now my station reflects my interest better, and the main reason all of this came to be is that my house and my shack are small, so I have to be creative with the space I have. George Carlin had a hilarious piece on “stuff”, but no, I’m past those days where if you accumulate too much stuff you buy a bigger house!

I guess you can say I’m living the QRP Lifestyle.

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