THE KY6R “TOP 3” LISTS OF 2019: Ham Radio Rigs

The Elecraft KX-3 is one of my favorite rigs of all time

I “re-purchased” a KX-3 and it has easily already given me my money’s worth in fun. Its a great nod to the 10 years I owned and loved my K3 – which I used to snag the very toughest and most rare DX towards DXCC Honor Roll. But this is 2019 – not 2016 and before, so the KX-3 gets top billing. The Free Range QRP CW DX 300 pursuit is what makes the KX-3 the winner this year. The Bend Thanksgiving Spy Radio trip at really put the icing on the radio cake for me – what great fun – just goofing around.

The National SW-3 love affair started in 2018, but went full bloom in 2019

The SW-3 on its own is a winner, but because I was able to listen to KPIG AM 1510 for most of 2019 – that just sealed the deal. Sadly, KPIG AM 1510 is off the air – but luckily KPIG is still on the internet and streaming their fine Pork Platter of Americana . . . but man, every Sunday I listened to a show that was awesome and heard through the SW-3 it was heaven.

Tied for third place – IC-7300 and Collins 75A4

The Collins 75A4 is the best looking Ham Radio ever – and it performs well even today

Some days I want the latest SDR and DSP technologies, but other times, the old analog technology, sound and ergonomics of a tube rig is supreme. The National SW-3 is the “spartan” hero, and the Collins 75A4 is the full on – advanced technology example that just rules. The IC-7300 still blows me away as far as value goes – no Ham Radio has ever offered such bang for the buck.

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