QRPKits and Heil Pine Board Project Field Strength Meters

The QRPKIts Field Strength Meter works – sort of

If you want to read RF off of your HT – this circuit works great. The LED isn’t that great – a meter is better (more sensitive). The big problem is that I want to use this inside the Bayou Jumper – and when I try to get a reading from my IC-7300 – no way. It seems that the short antenna acts as a tuned circuit – since the wire is about 19″ – so it works great on 2M and 440M.

I might try adding some kind of tuned circuit on the input – there are many circuits out there that do this – here is a really simple one from Bob Heil’s Pine Board Project:

Bob Heil’s FSM – with a choke on input

I might even try adding the 2.5 mH choke before C2 and to ground on the QRPKits circuit – just to see how some inductance might help. I also have a couple variable capacitors – so maybe even turn it into a tunable L-C circuit. Its pretty clear that this is a receiver – crude, similar to a crystal set.

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