Deck the Vintage Receivers

The Collins 75A4 Receiver at Christmas

One thing about my two forays into vintage gear – the National SW-3 and Collins 75A4 is that they just seem to ask to be decorated for Christmas. This is not something I would do with modern gear.

The National SW-3

Now I am glad that these two receivers survived my latest re-organization of my shack. The SW-3 was always the vintage radio I wanted – I figured one simple regenerative receiver that I could easily repair if needed was enough, then I fell into a completely restored late model 75A4. By luck, what sold this past weekend was just enough gear to do what I wanted to do with the shack, and I just received the Kenwood HS-5 mono Communications Headphones – and they sound great with the 75A4.

For casual listening, these old radios are big fun. There is no doubt that the new radios run rings around the older radios – but the new radios are utilitarian and have nowhere near the “charm” the old one’s do. Its nice to listen to 40M SSB on the 75A4 or even the top of the AM BCB on the SW-3 whenever there is no DX to be had on the KX-3. The IC-7300 is only used to check into a 75 or 40M net – and that’s the only time I go QRO with 100 watts.

Here we are – almost in 2020 – and for the first time in many years, I’m more giddy about the projects (work and hobby) that I’ll work on in 2020 than I am about Christmas. I’ve worked for 2 years leading up to what will transpire in 2020 – and there are two things that will be “historic” – with CCPA and also re-designing and rolling out an entirely new Data Warehouse using new technologies.

But for the next several weeks – its time to relax a bit – build the “Spy Radio” and play with these decorated old vintage receivers. Hey – I think I will participate in Straight Key Night on New Years Eve – yeah, that will be fun!

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