Cycle 25 Consensus Prediction

This time around, I think the scientists got their predictions right

I remember the wild differences last time – before Cycle 24 – when some scientists predicted that the cycle would be pretty much all over the map. This time around, the first prediction was that Cycle 25 could be half what Cycle 24 was – but then – and for some time that changed to being about the same as Cycle 24. There seems to have been more of a consensus that has stuck for years now. I’m hoping its because more is known about the solar cycle – and I do believe that’s the case. With the STEREO and other ways to collect data – and also some new and interesting theories, it seems like the scientists are getting better with their predictions.

When you think about it – its very exciting that we as Ham Radio Operators are part of this “experiment” and that we monitor radios that “follow along” with what space weather and space scientists do from day to day, month to month, and year to year. The best news is that by the end of 2020 we will experience the next rise out of this current very deep sunspot “trough”. I’m also hoping America will also be out of this current deep dark hole that we are in politically by the end of 2020.

Work wise and hobby wise I am looking forward to big fun in 2020 – and even with the lack of sunspots and the bozo’s running the country – I plan on having a good 2020 and look forward to it.

Speaking of that – now that my UrbanBeam has made it through several windstorms at 55′ – I will raise the antenna up to 65′ this weekend. I can always crank it down if and when we get a really serious windstorm. Luckily – that’s so rare we maybe get one or two a year.

Here is one thing that isn’t a prediction – but a fact – I will retire sometime during Cycle 25, and most likely move to a place that supports my retirement plans. I won’t rule out California entirely – but expect it will be in another state.


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