DXE RTR-2 and Wellbrook ALA150LNP?

My IC-7300 or KX-3 could benefit from this

The noise problem at my QTH can be solved – if I care to spend about $599 on a solution that includes a DX Engineering RTR-2 and Wellbrook ALA1530LNP. At QRP levels – and having the UrbanBeam up 65′ and the RX antenna at least 1/4 wavelength away – I’d be more than covered. My rigs in the past had a separate RX port – and I ran QRO back then – such as chasing Top Band DXCC. Back then, I phased two Wellbrook ALA1530LNP loops through a DFX Engineering NCC-2 – and AWESOME RX solution for weak signal 160M work.


All connections are perfect for the UrbanBeam, Wellbrook and both my 7300 and KX-3

I do trust the DX Engineering solution more than the MFJ solution – but at QRP levels it probably doesn’t matter much. I do know that the loop has much lower noise than the UrbanBeam on 40M at night.

And even more effective solution is the NCC-2, which can be used to phase out the noise

The NCC-2 has the RTR-2 feature plus lets you phase your TX and RX antenna on receive. I did try this before I had two Wellbrook loops – and using the mag loop to phase out the noise worked like a charm. In fact, the combination of the phasing unit and the rotator to turn the loop meant the loop was the “noise antenna”. It cancels the noise out very nicely.

The big problem is that all of this is expensive – and because I am now a casual DXer with my QRP pursuit – I’m not sure I’m willing to spend this money on it.

Unless someone wants to sell their NCC-1 or NCC-2?


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