Its a Good Thing I Made DXCC Honor Roll When I Did

Noise has become a very serious problem at KY6R

Between 2001 and just this past year I did not have noise that was as bad as I have now – so bad (S9 +20) that all I can do is turn off the radio. Its some neighbors gear – and it starts at night – or late afternoon, and is gone when I get up in the middle of night for an hour or two. Its not so bad during the day, and mornings can be OK sometime – or not OK.

I made it! I “made hay while the sun shone” – and “made the grade” (said facetiously). I flew under the noise radar – and so now – I don’t care – I go do something else when the noise kills my radio.

5 Comments on “Its a Good Thing I Made DXCC Honor Roll When I Did

  1. You and everybody else, brother.

    I think it’s the buck regulators and/or boost converters in everything. Great for efficiency, terrible for RF. The Chinesium required to dampen the noise on them costs an extra 8 cents and so, of course, is omitted. When we can’t even bother to put the electrical safety components in, noise suppression seems like a frivolous afterthought.

    Ultimately, I think we have the demise of AM radio and analog television to blame. Without those two noise-sensitive services serving as canaries in the coal mine, there’s nothing left for any normal person to care about when it comes to RF pollution.


    • Luckily, 75 meters is OK – so I can at least listen to locals jibber jabber and check into nets. Its better than nothing – but as far as DXing goes – I have only certain times where I can do it. Its fine with the pursuit I am on now – but it would have driven me absolutely nuts if I were chasing ATNO’s towards HR.

      There are other reasons why I think we are past the “glory days” of DXing and DXpeditions – but if I can’t hear em’ (due to noise), I sure can’t work em’

      Noe I feel really lucky I “slipped that DXing in” when I did. Yikes.


  2. Noise is a major irritant to the broadcast community. Television is affected, and more so after the repack which placed many stations back into VHF operation.

    Noisy power supplies are considered by the broadcast industry to be the biggest contributors.

    That industry has called for action by the FCC, but the results you observe do fine job of demonstrating the level of success the FCC has had.

    At my station I finally broke down and put in a W6LVP amplified loop on a rotator. It has given me back evening time operation through the ability to null out the worst noise producers in the neighborhood. I went from S9 to S1 as winter time noise on 80M.


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    • Thanks for the info. At one time I had two Wellbrook ALA-1530LNP’s phased through a DX Engineering NCC-2 and it worked beutifully.

      That was for 160M DXing.

      I wonder how effective the Wellbrook would be on 40M.

      I might use one again.

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  3. Take a hard look at a W6LVP antenna and switch. A lot more affordable. Works well on MW – 40 Meters.

    Just last night I was able to cleanly complete a QSO with a station running 250mW. He had a low dipole in SW Missouri, I am near Madison, WI. We were on 40M pre-sunset. On the W6LVP he was perfectly readable, he was completely lost in the noise on a dipole here.

    And that was before my evening noise gremlins come out to taunt me.


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