Winter Antenna Work and Noise Reduction

Its time to get the UrbanBeam up 65′

I’ve been waiting for a nice clear weekend, and now we have one. SO, its time to add the last two AB-577 sections. While we were in Bend and once since then – we had pretty high winds and rain, and the UrbanBeam on the AB-577 did great. When I compare the UrbanBeam to the N6BT DXU-32, the UrbanBeam looks paperweight and has a much smaller footprint. This combined with watching the antenna and mast handle the wind storms tells me for “normal” weather, I can do the extra 10.5 feet no problem. And if and when a really big storm comes through – like when we had those “Diablo Winds” in October – cranking the antenna down – even in the wind was simple and fast.

The W6LVP Loop

In the next two weeks I will have plenty of time to set up the W6LVP RX loop. Since I have re-arranged my shacks rig bench, I now have a much better place to put the extra controllers for the antenna and rotator.

Ironically, I’m sitting here listening to 40M with the KX-3 and there is no noise and very strong signals. In fact, the KX-3 sounds so good – I swear I don’t remember the K3 ever sounding this good. On CW – the KX-3 is a lot better than the Icom IC-7300, however, the 7300 does seem a little better than the KX-3 on SSB. One thing for sure – I see no need for a band scope on any of my rigs any more – mainly because of the Win4K3Suite. That was a game changer for me.

Its funny – I did look at some rigs that have a separate RX in – just because while I don’t miss having a sub receiver, I do miss the RX in. The W6LVP solves it (more or less), and in any case – I could use the W6LVP on the SW-3 or 75A4 as a dedicated SWL antenna if I no longer wanted it on the KX-3. So I have multiple reasons and ways to use the W6LVP loop.

This weekend is the UrbanBeam raising – and soon the W6LVP loop goes up. Winter time fun in Norcal!

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