Art, Poetry and New Jersey

Paterson by William Carlos Williams

It took a while, but I got through Paterson. William Carlos Williams was the head of pediatrics at Passaic General Hospital, where I was born. Paterson was his “imagist” autobiography (of sorts). I enjoyed it, especially where he interspersed historic news articles of the happenings in and around Paterson. Allen Ginsberg sent letters to WCW – and they were included in this poem. That was really illuminating.

My “imagist” rendering of a Monk Apollo, SV2ASP/A, in a Bottle

You have no doubt noticed I use my blog as a gallery for my photography. While reading Paterson, I saw the connection to a book of photographs. There were images with some feelings interspersed by a man who was equating the Passaic River and Falls with his lifeline, but very much in the abstract. It was a bit of work to read though, because it was quite abstract.

Washburn Electric – Acoustic Mandolin

Like Ham Radio, my hobbies have meandered through my life. Some years I pursued these pastimes seriously, other times casually or not at all. Lately, I’ve been more into music than Ham Radio – but in both cases, they have converged on the 1930’s – my Fathers early teenage years and my Grandfathers Prime years. It was a key decade since my family left Stuttgart for Newark, NJ to leave Germany behind. My Grandfather fought for Germany in WWI (he hated it), and my Father fought for the US in WWII (he was proud of it). My Grandfather was a pacifist who wouldn’t shoot anyone – and ended up being a toy maker at Unique Art Manufacturing (they made tin toys – including the Marx line of trains) and then was a baker at A&P for the rest of his life. My father was in aerospace and his brother was a manager of several A&P’s in northern NJ.

Epiphone Archtop Guitar and 1930’s Tube Amp

As far as art is concerned, the best part has been trying my hand at writing, photography or music. In the process, I have been able to appreciate others art and music deeply. By trying these things myself, my personal pursuit has opened my mind to others ways of thinking and being.

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