W6LVP Receive Loop – Part 1: The Setup

W6LVP Controller with T-R Switch on top of my old Array Solutions Rat Pack controller

I am very pleased with the quality and support from Larry, W6LVP:

Antenna and PTT Lines – the switch is on – off

The antenna, controller and remote pre-amp are very well made, and I hope to have this up and running tomorrow. The placement of the cable sockets is perfect for my shack – and that is always important. I have the cables all ready and even the rotator on an extra heavy duty aluminum mast that has been sitting around for years:

The G450A Rotator

The G450A rotator is overkill, but the control box and its accuracy is so much better than the cheapo TV rotators that I have.

Besides this project, I have to crate up the KWS-1 which I have sold and will be picked up freight soon.

I also will get the UrbanBeam up 66 feet tomorrow, so it’s a huge Saturday coming up for sure.

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