W6LVP Loop – Part 2: Install Outdoors

The W6LVP Loop on a Yaesu G-450A rotator

It may look like the antenna is tangled in the branches, but its in the clear – in fact its away from houses and other metal as much as I can do on my “semi-rural” lot. On the other side of that deer fence is a creek – so if moist soil helps a loop – then I am good to go.

I didn’t have a long enough run for the antenna cable, but I did get the rotator rotating. I’ll have enough RG-6 quad shield cable with BNC connectors on Monday.

I had two Wellbrook Loops a few years back – with the FB DXE NCC-2 – but sold them once I made DXCC on Top Band. HOWEVER, since 40M is all of a sudden wiped out at night (dinner time TV watching seems to be the scenario), I have to try a loop again to be able to DX after work – which is a great time during these long Winter evenings.

Speaking of that – today is the Winter Equinox, so I better get my 40M RX antenna stuff together. I’ll have it done by Christmas!

Tomorrow I will build the KWS-1 crate – I picked up the lumber today, and the buyer is quite happy that I am willing to do this – he is having the Power Supply re-powder coated by Howard, W3HM – so it will be 100% like new. He is having a friend come over to pick up the RF Deck and boxes of other goodies this next week – in fact – the crate will be on its way to Howard soon too – almost a year to the day when I picked it up in Sacramento.


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