DX Engineering NCC-2

The DX Engineering NCC-2

After a day or two of toiling through decisions regarding the DX Engineering NCC-1 or NCC-2, I decided “both” is the right answer. I have two use cases – dedicated receive with my National SW-3 and Collins 75A4, and then my transmit stations, Elecraft KX-3 and IC-7300, neither of which have a separate RX input.

The K6SE flag antenna

Years ago, I was experimenting with several variations of a EWE antenna and an NCC-1. I fed both vertical ends with coax going to the two inputs of the NCC-1 (there were no terminating resistors), and it worked very well as a bi-directional set of verticals.

My friend (and resident wisenheimer) Mike, KJ4Z, asked me “Besides QRP, what *do* you care about?”

My answer was playing my guitar and mandolin, but wait! There’s more!

I still love experimenting with antennas, especially receive antennas and those that help you null out the noise.

I have a friend who is selling the NCC-1 to me for a good price, but because the NCC-2 eliminates my need for the W6LVP T-R switch, I can sell that box. I expect anyone who bought Larry’s antenna and later wished they would have purchased the T-R switch would be interested.

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