KWS-1 Power Supply Crating

The Buyer wanted me to crate and ship the Power Supply to Howard, W3HM

When I purchased the KWS-1 a year ago – I only sent the RF Deck to Howard, W3HM, to have him completely refurbish it. At 170 pounds – I decided not to send the Power Supply across the country to re-powder coat it. Mainly because the Power Supply would be hidden almost 100% in my shack. I’m not a collector – but wanted the “operating position” to look like new – and that’s what I got. I also very much enjoyed refurbishing the Power Supply (electrically) myself – I learned a lot – and even learned how to use an oscilloscope and signal generator – when I thought there was something wrong with the RF Deck (there wasn’t electrically, but there was mechanically). Anyway – that was worth the few hundreds of dollars I will lose selling the KWS-1. The buyer wants the power supply to look completely restored – and I do understand his sentiment – that’s the difference between a collector – and me.

After a year in the shack. I have come to realize that it was just taking up room. I also realized that I just don’t care about the things in Ham Radio – and DXing that I cared about before. I have kept the National SW-3 and Collins 75A4, and that’s all the “vintage” gear I care to keep. I’m giving this fellow a great deal (these are quite rare), and I know its new home will be great.




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