Home for the Holidays

“Grandmas House” – where we stayed in Bend, Oregon for Thanksgiving

Years ago, Kat and I spent Christmas on River Road in Santa Fe, and just a few blocks up from where they have their famous Christmas Eve Art Walk. It was a blast and we lucked out and had fresh snow.

This Thanksgiving we had the same luck in Bend, Oregon – a beautiful snowstorm where we had our “Winter Wonderland” – but where we then had clear sailing for the full days ride back home.

Forager Coffee in Medford, Oregon

One of the best holiday surprises was this wonderful coffee shop that was in a renovated old gas station – called “Forager Coffee” – next to the Commons Park and near I5. It was such a peaceful little place, and pretty much next door we stumbled on a Firestone Tire that had tire chains – and we knew we needed to buy them due to the “Bomb Cyclone” that they had predicted. Sure enough, we left Medford and headed out along the Rogue River and out past Crater Lake – where we hit some pretty decent snow at an elevation of about 5300 feet. I drove us through knowing that if we even waited a few hours we would have needed those chains. We got to Bend easily and safely – and then the snowstorm hit. The roads were all covered with snow for days – and while plowed- we are talking 2 – 3″ of hard pack on the roads.

Secret Agent “Seven”

Of course, it was all good luck and charming to say the least. We are now at home in Orinda, and have been doing some chores and just hanging out doing hobby stuff, reading, etc. Kat made a killer pork roast tonight, and so good food and drink were had and we will have a quiet day tomorrow. As I understand it – I will be braising a roast using IPA – like we did in Bend and again once we got back. We use pork shoulder – and its to die for.

We will celebrate with friends this coming Saturday – we are the lucky couple that doesn’t have to run around crazy like we did when we were young – that a younger persons game. My kids appreciate that we have made arrangements after Christmas Eve and Day. When we do get together, no one is stressed and we always have a great time.

Anyway Happy Holidays – and all the best to you and yours this Holiday Season and into 2020.

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