Double Half Delta Loop – AA7JV and TX3A

The TX3A / AA7JV DHDL Receive Antenna on 40M

I received a very nice answer email from George, AA7JV regarding using the Double Half Delta Loop on 40M – even though it was designed mainly for 160 – and perhaps 80M. George aid is scales very well on 40M – so lucky me – I have just the perfect place to set up two of these in the two directions that matter as a QRP DXer – SE and SW.

Not as great as on 160M – but still very effective on 40M

In fact, because my UrbanBeam is now up 65′, and because I got rid of several antennas in the back yard – I have freed up space where I can play with RX antennas. I do have ways to exploit N – S, NE -SW, and SW – SE. My latest thought is to have two DHDL’s side by side and pointing in opposite directions. Sort of like a EWE or K9AY kind of thing.

Anyway, George offers these recommendations:

“I have used DHDL-s designed for 160 on 40 with good results. For the best RDF keep the length to about 10 m and the height to 5.
The load probably should be around 1000 Ohms. One important point: make the antenna precisely symmetrical across its center”

There you have it – from The Master!

I have the right supports to set something cool up – and will think about this a while.


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