First 40M Receive Antenna Experiment

Two receivers, two transceivers, two phasing boxes and four antennas

There is a lot going on here in the diagram, but the #1 most important test is to see if the W6LVP can act as a “noise sensing” antenna and eliminate noise that I am having on my UrbanBeam – on 40M. I have done something similar a few years back on 160M – and it worked like a champ.

The second idea is just receive only – what I would call my “SWL Mode”. You see, I listen way more than I have ever transmitted, this is why I only have 6000 QSO’s in my logbook since 1973 (no kidding!).When I did transmit – I did make a QSO that usually “meant something”. In the 70’s – it was just rag chewing, then the big hiatus from Ham Radio from 1977 – 2001 and then its been all DX QSO’s towards some DX pursuit or award. But I digress.

All together, its an interesting way to combine SWL only with Ham Only listening, and the NCC-2 allows for phasing against the TX antenna. I will use the NCC-1 as a receive only solution – and the way that I wire the K6SE loop is more like two phased shortened vertical dipoles – instead of using termination resistors or 9:1 transformers at the feed – I will simply use the NCC-1 to phase the two electrically. This worked surprisingly well on 160 – lets see if it makes any difference on 40M.

Sadly, the general coverage SWL bands died years ago – after many International broadcasters switched to Internet Only. AM BCB is still possible – if you can stand their programming (I can’t). There are a few (local and independant) AM stations in Northern California that I can pick up – but that’s not BCB DXing anyway – not needing a serious SWL antenna. KPIG AM at 1510 made a wonderful return in Oakland for most of this year, but alas, they shut down in October if I remember right. They are still on FM and the Internet, so that’s a decent consolation prize.

Yes, it seems the last great use of SWL radio is all Ham Radio – so there’s a legacy for you to uphold.

Anyway, tomorrow, the plan will be to take the NCC-2 that I just received and configure it for this:

The essential antenna test – which will happen tomorrow . . 

I got the wires run and ready to roll outside today – so tomorrow my work will be in the shack. Maybe an hour configuring and testing the NCC-2 with the KX-3 and antennas, and I should be in service. Then tomorrow evening I will know if this experiment works.

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