40M Noise Elimination Experiment: NCC-2 Setup

The configuration that I will be using with the NCC-2

Neither 7300 or KX-3 have RX in ports, so the RTR-2 built into the NCC-2 handles that. Setting the Bias Tee on in CH B will send the correct voltage to the W6LVP loop. The phasing controls will then let me phase the TX and RX antennas for best S/N.

So the NCC-2 was designed for exactly my “use case”.

In the future I will cover the NCC-1 use case – which is to phase two receive antennas and where there is no transmitter involved – just the 75A4. That will be my receive antenna “testing platform”. I might try the Double Half Delta Loop even before the K6SE variation that I have used in the past. Here is why:

On 40M, the pattern of the DHDL just happens to be distorted enough from its usual cardioid pattern on 160M – but in a good way. In fact, just pointing one South opens up all of the most “lucrative” DX areas of the world – the areas that are easiest for a QRP-er. Its pretty cool how the FREQ 300 will force me to have my technical ability up to snuff – but not rediculously so. I remember the days of trying to engineer something that could work any rare DX in any direction – and even though I more or less did that – there were plenty of times where I still had to put up something “temporarily” for a DXpedition. In the process of doing that – I had so much wire and aluminum up, I shudder to think how distorted the patterns of all of my antennas were! Small suburban lots just don’t offer enough separation for a big serious antenna farm.

Its good to have this “sneak preview” – of the NCC-1 use case, because the W6LVP loop phased with the UrbanBeam will most likely take care of my noise problem on 40M. After that – I can set up the NCC-1 with the 75A4 and just use that for the fun of it. In fact, I could even use one of the ports of my Rat Pack to feed the NCC-1 since I will not need Bias T and in fact, If I wanted to have two DHDL’s – one pointed South and one pointed North – I could even do that.

I’m getting ahead of myself- so back to Step One- which is to get rid of the 40M noise!



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