NCC-1 Receiving Test “Platform”

The NCC-2 is now solidly in place – now my thoughts turn to the NCC-1

Looks like I’ll need 2 more 100′ cables so I can run an independent receive only platform to test receive antennas. One of the low noise remote preamps I am looking into is this Wellbrook:

The Wellbrook FLG100LN

What I have learned is that one small aperture mag loop over another only makes a big difference on 160M, less so on 80M and not much at all on 40M. So – this tells me that experimenting with a Single KAZ, Single K6SE Flag, Double KAZ or Double Half Delta Loop is a good pursuit. There is not a whole lot about this out there – so maybe I can uncover some new interesting findings?

so far, what I’ve learned is that what has been optimized for 160M “should work” on 40M.

What I want is a receiving antenna optimized for 40M.

I think the answer might come from EZNec? I’ll see.

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