NCC-2 and 40M (UrbanBeam and W6LVP Loop)

I’m very pleased with the NCC-2 on 40M – it is doing what I was hoping it would

Like the SteppIR UrbanBeam, I paid a “dear” price – one that arguably was a bit beyond what I usually would consider a bargain of any sort. HOWEVER, these two products are so unique and special in what they do – I am quite pleased that I did go for them. If 2 years ago (when I was full on OCD bout 160M DXCC chasing) I could have anticipated that “old faithful” 40M would be wiped out by neighborhood noise – I would have never sold the NCC-2 and two Wellbrook Loops that I used to have. Up until recently, 40M here was downright quiet. Oh well, c’est la vie – at least I knew what to do about it, and my knowledge on the subject has not failed me.

First Observations:

  1. The phasing does work, but is not nearly as pronounced as what I remember on 160M. If you want the same “feel” on 40M that you had on 160M – you won’t be as pleased. I fully understood this going in that this unit would be most effective on 160M, less on 80M and less on higher bands – it does work enough and it is doing exactly what I hoped it would do
  2. The Balance is working very well – in fact – I can mix just the right amount of UrbanBeam with the W6LVP where the signal to noise ratio is pretty darned good
  3. The directionality of the W6LVP so far is noticeable – but there is enough QSB right now that the judge is still out. It does seem like the W6LVP – being fed with the Bias Tee from the NCC-2 is really good. I don’t have a Wellbrook on hand – but for this application, I am not sure any loop would be all that much better than another. I fully expect that on 160M – the Wellbrook would be the best, but I would really like to do a shootout some day – Wellbrook vs. W6LVP

OK – onward to next weeks test – which will be the NCC-1 and 40M using interesting wire antennas (perhaps K6SE, KAZ or DHDL). When I use the NCC-1 – it will be dedicated to the 75A4, which is still a pretty great receiver after all these years.

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