Predictions for 2020


  1. Trump will continue to be his own worst enemy. There is no bigger Trump Foe than the Trump Ego. He brought on his Impeachment, and this sort of “Karmic Justice” will continue. This is also a great “Be careful what you wish for story” – his want to become President has exposed him as a Money Changer, Charlatan, Liar, Phony and con artist and will be set in stone in the history books forever. He has forged his own legacy and will continue to add more to it – albeit the “big deal” is that he is now part of the “Impeachment Club”. Nothing will be as enduring . . . in fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if people and the news media actually get so bored of his yammering that they simply start to ignore him. If he wins a second term, he will preside under a big recession that will wipe away any perceived successes that he has had to date

    He was MUCH better off as just another New York Shyster Businessman – and he can never go back to that. The story is a classic tragicomedy – Giuliani as his lawyer is so “Dog Day Afternoon” its not even funny . . . complete with New York Accents! This will be his legacy

  2. CCPA – the first quarter will be a full on cluster f*ck with most data driven companies trying to figure this out. By March, there will be an absolute panic as companies realize they can’t just ask their lawyers write some legalese text – drop it on their web site and say “done”. When companies realize the Data Engineering involved – they will be sweating huge bullets. I wouldn’t be surprised if Facebook and Zuckerberg (and perhaps Google, Equifax and other companies who rely heavily on using YOUR personal data to make money) try to change the law or somehow have it super ceded by some watered down Federal do nothing Data Protection law. They have gotten away with murder and 2020 will be a reckoning for sure. We will witness “CCPA – Denial” big time
  3. Sunspots – we will start seeing better conditions on 20M – maybe 17M, especially by the end of 2020. This will sadden those who have loved the recent lowband DXing conditions
  4. 40M Noise – I will (barely) nix the noise that has me turning off my radio every night. I’ll continue to enjoy the FREQ 300, but my Ham Radio activity will further be on the wane
  5. I will continue to be on the leader board at the gym because of my consistency. Slow and Steady will continue to win that race
  6. There might be some surprises in my life as far as where we will end up living and retiring to and when. Some “seeds” of this seem to have emerged after our Oakland tenant of 9 years moved out


One Comment on “Predictions for 2020

  1. My 60 year old retired mother from Tennessee texted me the other day and revealed (apropos of nothing) that she’s trying to figure out how to move to BC or Alberta. Understand this is not vocal sour grapes immediately following having lost an election, nor is this poverty or ill health searching for respite; this is fatigue and fear seeking for a way out. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t looking into it myself. My recent trip up to Vancouver was as much a scouting expedition as a vacation.

    It really feels different this time than it did during say, either W or Obama. Something has finally ruptured that cannot be repaired, at least not for those of us who are currently living through it, and what’s more, I think a lot of us are now too exhausted to care. I’m not interested in patching things up with half the country that I barely recognize. Nor am I interested in antagonizing them further. At this point, I just want out.

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