Hope Springs Eternal

Birch Trees on my way home

It’s easy to get cynical these days, so I limit my time reading the news. If you let politics control your life you could even get depressed.

The candle of hope burns bright

Riding my bike to and from BART forces me to “stop and smell the roses” each day. My ride downhill is 15 minutes and 20 minutes back. I usually stop at the gym before or after work.

Calm after the storm

Limiting my time on politics and allowing my time to be spent on much more upbeat things has worked wonders. It has kept me centered.

This past year I lived my life with more moderation and balance. I noticed in doing this, the bad never steals the show nor does the excessively good. Instead, the balance seems to take care to even things out, and helps keep everything in perspective.

I highly recommend this approach, and while I have no new “resolutions” I am finding great comfort in the the phrase “slow and steady wins the race”.

I fully expect that the social pendulum in the US will continue swinging back and forth, and maybe we will get back to center.

But the one thing I can control in my own life is my Outlook, my approach and the balance I allow myself to have.

It worked great last year, and I am betting it will again this year. I especially like the fact that all I have to do is keep doing what I’ve been doing. There’s big comfort in that.

Happy New Year!

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