The KY6R Optimized 40M Flag

The KY6R 40M Optimized Flag

Now I remember one of the things that keeps me in Ham Radio – antenna modeling. There is something that is so much fun to optimize the design of an antenna for your own application.

I was able to squeeze out 25 dB front to back

A nice cardioid pattern and -16.46 dB gain

The Wellbrook Flag remote preamp will have 23 dB gain – so a net gain of 6.54 dB gain – with very low noise. I will have to have some kind of switching circuit so I can use the Wellbrook at each end of the flag. I will start just by feeding both ends and going into the NCC-1 – just to see how that works. The RDF is just under 7 – so its very much a K6SE like flag – just modeled for 40M instead of the lower bands. As you would expect – its a bit smaller all the way around.

I will also end up doing this – which is to combine both the KX-3 NCC-2 system with the 75A4 NCC-1 system and play with what sounds the best – it will be “audio diversity”, and I expect it should be pretty interesting.


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