KY6R 40M Delta Flag “Nirvana”!

I just reached 40M RX antenna “nirvana” with a Delta Loop (KAZ Style / Flag)

I decided that I should try one last configuration as far as my new 40M receiving loop is concerned – to try a delta style (“KAZ”) but using the dimensions of the best optimized flag that I arrived at.

With a Front to Back ratio just under 40 dB, I know from experience that’s as good as it gets!

This flag now exceeds the RDF of a normal flag – but is still within the parameters of the most optimal numbers that you can get out of such an antenna. The RDF is 7.66 – which is basically the best you could hope for with a K9AY Loop or Flag.

Very nice pattern – elevation and azimuthally speaking

The fact that the feed points are at ground level and also that only one support is needed are two very major pluses – so combine this convenience with bone crushing F/B, and I think I now have my antenna.

One thing I am reminded of – keep asking questions and trying “what if” models. There are practical considerations (where it will fit – where the feedlines will be run) – and then there are more technical / scientific considerations – 40 dB I know for a fact is the upper limit of such an antenna – and so I am finally really pleased with what I’ve come up with – and will be ready to commit to this.

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