Hyde Street Pier

The Thayer Rigging

My two favorite places as far as museum’s or touristy places is The Hyde Street Pier in San Francisco and the Computer History Museum in Mountain View. There is just something about the Hyde Street Pier that lets you really feel what it was like back in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s – on or near the water.

The Hercules Tugboat – detail

We went to the Hyde Street Pier today, and the weather was very nice – warm, little wind and a pretty glassy SF Bay.

Thayer Masts

We walked from the Embarcadero BART station to the Ferry Building – had lunch at Gotts and then headed to the Hyde Street Pier. WOW – I hadn’t been to the Fisherman’s Wharf area since the 80’s – its worse than I remember it – of all the great places in the SF Bay Area, what a pile of trash that tourist trap area is.

Thayer Rigging

HOWEVER, just a block or two away from that garbage is the Hyde Street Pier and Maritime Park and Museum area – not crowded and so much more interesting. What a contrast!

Hercules Smokestack

I like the close up detail of these old ships – and the cargo, automobiles and trucks on the Eureka – an old paddle wheel ferry boat that used to go to and from Marin.

Hercules Gear

Delivery Truck – on the Eureka

The Eureka Ferry Boat

Delivery Truck on the Eureka

Cargo Cart on the Eureka

When I was on the Eureka – if there were a ship that evoked some feeling of “spirits” – it was the Eureka – maybe because it was so easy to just see and feel what it was like on the ship – people coming and going – this as the way people went to and from the City and work every day, and the fact that they had so many “artifacts” on the Eureka, I really did find myself imagining that I was commuting on it.

Cool logo on the bright orange cart

Rigging detail

Hercules Detail

It was a great day – great weather and a nice break from our usual routine – we now have to go to the Computer History Museum next – these are great places to visit in January and February – two very quiet times in the SF Bay Area – and when we can play “tourist at home”.

Kat driving the SF Water Taxi

Just to make for a perfect day, we took the SF Water Taxi boat back from the Hyde Street Pier to (near) the Ferry Building. The pilot was a great guy from Benica who really knows the tides and currents on all Bay Area waterways. He let Kat pilot the little water taxi boat, which was a lot of fun.

The SF Water Taxi – if you haven’t taken this – you should!

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