Building The KY6R 40M Optimized Loop

A Triple Walled Aluminum Pipe in the Ground

This pipe will hold the Yaesu G450 rotator and the loop up off the ground 2 feet. It is cemented 3′ deep in that hole and is 16″ above ground – which will put the base of the antenna up at 2′ 

I’m using redwood for the antenna frame – its lightweight, weatherproof and strong

The wooden antenna frame only needs to hold 450 ohm ladder line for the two loops. I’ll no doubt add two pieces of bracing from the bottom pieces to the vertical piece. 

The 2 by 2 you see just laying there will fit inside that double walled aluminum pipe

The double walled pipe will fit in the top part of the Yaesu G450 rotator. Bolt the pipe with the redwood inside and then use two U bolts to hold the antenna frame to the pipe. 

When redwood gets wet it does get a little bit heavier, but is usually doesn’t warp or split like other woods do. I was going to use fiberglass fishing poles – but the ends are never strong enough, and PVC is way too flexible. 

Wiring detail – at each junction box the feed and resistor is opposite for each wire

The feed will use a 75 to 50 ohm transformer, and in the NCC-2 it has the same transformers at the receive antenna inputs. The NCC-1 might be 75 ohms at the input – not 50 ohms – I need to check with DX Engineering – the manual is a bit ambiguous. 

In any case, I am using 75 ohm feedline between the antenna and NCC-1 or NCC-2. I can use preamps in the NCC-2 if needed, and in the NCC-1 I have 40 and 20M band pass filters – so I have a lot I will be able to experiment with. 

Speaking of experiments, here are some to try:

  1. Feeding both loops and see what happens with phasing each loop – pointed in the opposite direction – what will happen? 
  2. Use the NCC-1 – with no preamps, how well does this work?
  3. Do the 40M passband filters help 40M? And 20M passband filters – same question for 20M
  4. Use the NCC-2 with preamps, is this better?
  5. Does it make sense to use both NCC-1 and NCC-2 with the dual KY6R 40M Optimized loop and the W6LVP loop?

I think the #1 goal is to have dual diversity receive using the UrbanBeam and the dual KY6R 40M Optimized Loops. I am guessing it should beat the broadband W6LVP loop handily, but lets see.

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