Elecraft K3 Rides Again at KY6R

The Elecraft K3 – with Dual Diversity will be back at KY6R

What a long strange trip its been. I found a K3 and KPOD equipped the same as what I sold a couple years ago and for about the same price as what I sold mine for. I then purchased an ICOM IC-7610 and sold that. Then I got into vintage gear, and while using my KX-3 and found that all of a sudden I had noise on 40M that I have never had before – I had to get back into Dual Diversity and a DX Engineering NCC-2 (another piece of gear I sold and now have “re-bought”.

Its all OK – because while I might have lost a few hundred bucks, I was able to try a bunch of things, and ironically, some of the travels through these twists and turns in the plot bore some excellent fruit:

  1. Totally by accident – and because I used a Collins KWS-1 transmitter, I learned that a Single Lever Mono Key is what enables me to send the best CW I have ever been able to send
  2. Because I chased DXCC on 160M, I am very experienced in working on the best signal to noise ratio – Top Band being the Holy Grail, but now – on 40M I find myself having to apply what I learned on 160 – but scaling it to 40M
  3. I love Win4K3Suite – its the first Panadapter that I love – prior to this, the P3, PX3 and other panadapters were very “meh” in my book. I never used one to bust a pileup – I found them annoying even, but pretty if you were just doing SWL – or maybe working on eliminating noise while working on 160M RX antennas

Well, that’s the Ham Radio hobby for you – you get to learn a lot, and I suppose losing some money here or there is relative – I sort of chalk it up to the cost of education in the School of Radio Hard Knocks.




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