My Year With Vintage Gear

The Venerable Collins 75A4

I’ve spent a year with the Collins Gold Dust Twins and a National SW-3 receiver. These are now all sold.

It was an interesting journey, and I used the SW-3 the most. Just by luck, KPIG was transmitting from West Oakland, and I listened to it on the SW-3 for the good part of 2019. Sadly, once KPIG stopped transmitting on 1510 khz, all that was left was trashy right wing and annoying religious radio. AM radio has been a dinosaur for maybe even two decades, so I did get lucky to hear what truly was the last great AM radio station that played music. “Talk Radio” was the death knell for AM radio IMHO.

The Gold Dust Twins got very little use, but I did learn to use test equipment, and I also learned all about the Single Lever Paddle, and how it has turned my CW sending up one notch in quality.

The old boat anchors take up precious space, so out they go. I hereby decree my vintage radio year over, and it’s time to move on. It was interesting and somewhat fun, but the people who purchased these are collectors, so I know this great old gear has found good homes.

I have gotten more excited about a 40M receiving antenna and my QRP pursuit has been much more fun than I had anticipated. After searching for my “Ham Radio Muse” after making DXCC Honor Roll, the FREQ 300 plus dual diversity receive and antenna modeling and building keep me interested.

So, it’s the triad of DXing, CW and 40M receive antenna that has my attention. Let’s see how I feel in a year – heh heh





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