Elecraft K3 and SP-3

The SP-3 lets you take advantage of Dual Stereo Diversity and AFX effects

I usually use headphones for DXing and late at night in the shack – but there are times when I am working on something and don’t want to be “tethered” to my headphones. Plus, the SP-3 speakers have some interesting features – so I will have two of these flanking the K3 that will be set up this weekend.

I have a big decision to make regarding the NCC-1 and NCC-2. The NCC-1 has band pass filters for 40 and 20M, so that is a great option – but I have preamps and 75 to 50 ohm transformer plug in modules for the NCC-2. I have yet a third option, and that is a Wellbrook remote preamp – that I can switch between the two loops that I will have on my redwood frame and rotator this weekend:

Wellbrook FLG1000 preamp

The NCC-2 preamps are 16 dB gain, and the Wellbrook (ironically) is 23 dB gain – which brings the KY6R 40M Optimized Delta loop up to zero net gain (the loop is -23 dB gain with an RDF of 7.6 dB).

Another idea would combine the W6LVP loop with the KY6R loop at the NCC-1, and where I would use just a single loop at the KY6R. Each would have its own preamp, and there would be separation between the antennas.

The big question that will be answered this weekend is “Will the dual loop idea work on the redwood frame as far as phasing two loops that close together, or do I need two of the same antennas separated by 50′ or more?”. When I had 2 Wellbrook loops phased through the NCC-2 for fantastic results – they were separated by 50′ and they were the same type of antenna.



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