KY6R 40M Optimized Loop and “Siting”

A Single Loop will be installed in the back yard

I checked the second location of where another KY6R loop can be installed, and it only has room for the W6LVP Loop or a second KY6R Delta Flag, but in a fixed position.

One option is the W6LVP Loop 100′ away from the KY6R Loop

Ideally, I would have two loops of the same kind, so that would suggest a second fixed loop. That is easily doable. But I already have a cheapie rotator in the ground 100′ away, so first I will try the W6LVP loop phased against the KY6R.

If that doesn’t work very well, I’ll try a second KY6R loop in a fixed position pointing SW or NE.

I’ll also start with the NCC-2 since it powers the W6LVP Loop and I will put the KY6R loop in the port where the UrbanBeam is now.

I will try the NCC-1 with it’s band pass filters after that.

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