KY6R 40M Optimized Loop Correction

This arrangement (dual opposing loops using 450 ohm ladder line) does not model well at all

It’s all coming back to me – and now I remember that having two Wellbrook ALA1530LNP loops 50′ a part on 160M was killer and offered 10 dB RDF. I recently found a presentation that confirms that this is scientifically sound, and not just my usual gushing excitement and enthusiasm.

A single rotatable loop will be what I build

I happen to have a rotator that is almost 100 feet away from where I will be putting the new KY6R loop. At 70 feet (or more) the pattern of two phased loops starts looking more like a yagi with that 55 dB Front to Back.

Wellbrook ALA1530LNP Loop

The second loop would have to be a diamond shape to clear nearby trees. It would be 10′ on a side with the width adjusted to avoid banging into a nearby oak tree. I will model this, and if I can get it to be similar to the Delta shaped loop, I’ll build it. I could even get away with using PVC, which really makes it simple.

OK, my next post will be to model this diamond shaped loop.

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