The DX Engineering NCC-2 and its RTR-2

The NCC-2 used with a rig that doesn’t have an RX in port

I have been using the NCC-2 in this mode with my KX-3, and while it does “work”, I would have to say “nominally”. The T-R switch works great, and the Balance knob does let you knock down the noise on 40M “just barely enough” with the W6LVP Loop. But the Phase knob pretty much does nothing, and having used the NCC-2 before where the Phase knob was almost like “magic” – where it worked very well to “steer” the antennas for best Signal to Noise Ratio, I have to say I’m less than excited about this “Nominal” mode that I have.

To be fair – my W6LVP Loop is NOT as far away from the UrbanBeam as possible. Also – DX Engineering does make it clear in the manual that using two antennas that are the same type gives the best phasing results. From my EZNec modeling, getting two RX antennas for 40M 70 – 100 feet apart makes a HUGE difference.

The much better way to use the NCC-2 – with 2 of the same RX antennas and with a rig that has RX in

In this mode, and with TWO of the KY6R 40M Optimized Delta Flag’s spaced 100 feet – this will let the NCC-2 shine as I remember it did a few years back on 160M using two Wellbrook ALA1530LNP loops.

The NCC-2 manual is superb because it covers every way to use the NCC-2 and is very honest and upfront about what works best and what is “nominal”. In my case I have been using it “sub – nominally”, and now its time to get my money’s worth out of this box – its a pretty pricey unit (a bit overpriced in my opinion, but there is nothing else out there that comes anywhere close to what this box does – and with all of their plug in options – I can justify the cost).

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