The DXE NCC-2 at KY6R

I’m switching back to how I used to use the NCC-2 – this time on 40M instead of 160M

I know that this mode of the NCC-2 works like a champ – but this time, instead of using two Wellbrook ALA1530LNP loops, I will use my KY6R 40M Optimized Delta Flags.

I think I will opt for using the preamps and 75/50 ohm modules with my two home brewed antennas, and will NOT use preamps at the antennas or send bias T voltage to the antennas. This will keep the number of separate parts down to a minimum, and keep the setup simple and “elegant”.

This will be a killer antenna system for 40M RX. K3 Stereo Dual Diversity, here I come!

I modeled the antenna on 160 – 20M and its really great on 80 and 40, and more than decent on 160, 30 and 20M. There is no doubt though – its for sure optimized on 40M – which if that were the only band I was allowed to operate on I’d be more than happy with that.

I will build a second frame for the second loop – it makes setting it up in the fixed area I will put it easy

I’m really glad that I remembered to model BOTH antennas – and compare that with one KY6R Loop and the W6LVP Loop. My time is valuable these days, so I want to eliminate too many “trial and errors”. As much as I like experimenting – I don’t have the time to chase down rabbit holes, and thankfully, EZnec has always given me at least half a clue as what to expect. If you are a ham and don’t use EZNec or an antenna analyzer – you are really missing out.

One thing I have come to realize is that noise that plagues us hams in the suburbs is a very expensive undertaking as far as mitigating it. Luckily, I love trying phased loops – even if I didn’t have the noise I all of a sudden starting getting on 40M – but I can see this sort of thing wiping out hams and chasing them off HF. And that’s NOT what this hobby needs – its another “death knell” to HF radio anyway.

I suppose one could try satellite or EME instead of HF, but for me, HF is where the “magic” still is.

OK – I have a 4 day weekend and its just what the doctor ordered. I have just pretty much coded what we need at LendUp to get this huge CCPA project done – and its the perfect week to take Friday off and extend my Martin Luther King long weekend holiday. YES! All 4 days should be mostly sunny.

This is when I really love living in the SF Bay Area – I can ride my bike and work on antennas year round.

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