KY6R 40M Optimized Delta Flags Separated at 80 Feet Apart

At 80′ – I can rotate the second KY6R 40M loop

I have a choice – I can have the second loop at 100 feet (where it would have to be fixed) with a bit better performance than at 80′ (where I can rotate the second loop). I’ll choose to rotate the second loop because the performance is not that far down, and rotating the antenna is a HUGE improvement. The gain isn’t different, but the RDF drops just a little – which means its not a big deal. In fact, because rotating adds in an important “dimension” (physical on top of the NCC-2’s electrical rotation), I will be able to have many ways to combat noise and also have great 40M dual stereo diversity reception.

At 100′ I can’t rotate the antenna but it would be a bit better (RDF) performance wise – but the same gain, F/B and pattern

I’ve decided to use Wellbrook remote pre-amps on each antenna, and to also rotate two at 80′. I’ll use the NCC-2 with no pre-amp or Bias T to the antenna – just as a phasing unit for two antennas and into the K3 RX IN port.

4 Comments on “KY6R 40M Optimized Delta Flags Separated at 80 Feet Apart

  1. You know, it’s a shame you have to go to all this effort (and expense) just to get back to neutral or a bit better than neutral. Too bad we’re all swimming in pollution (RF and otherwise) these days.


    • I’m loving it because I get to engineer my way out of it, but yeah it’s costing me thousands of dollars.

      Think of the poor slob who just bought a 7300 and turns it on to find it’s wall to wall noise and unusable

      This could be the death of HF ….
      At least for the unwashed masses


      • To build a phased set of RX antennas just to then hear no one on 40M does feel like we are in the sundowner years of HF.

        I guess I’ll die with my single lever mono Begali Sculpture in my cold boney hands.

        The kids can have this newfangled Facebook, I tell ya ..

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