Dual KY6R Optimized 40M Delta Flags – Progress

The first flag rotator with cable PVC pipe is almost ready (I need to trench it)

I took down the W6LVP loop and moved the rotator to the first flag’s mounting pipe. I also got the second flag’s mounting pipe cemented into the ground using fence post concrete:

The second aluminum pipe is now curing and will be ready late tomorrow

I won’t receive the second G450 and associated bits until Tuesday. I also found that I need to order and install a KXV3 board – I can do that. I don’t need the big deal K3S upgrade with the new synth, etc since I’m not in that mad 160M DXCC pursuit anymore. I have the second receiver – just need the RX IN port to work.

Quite a few things have to line up to get such a receiving system up and running. I did this years ago with Top Band – so I do know the drill. While I am waiting for some parts to arrive, there is plenty of work to do outside – and plenty of futzing inside. I have a USB to serial port interface coming tomorrow  – so I can get Win4K3Suite working with this old K3 . . . the first thing I will do is download the K3 utils and set this bugger to factory settings. But I’ve made a few contacts and its nice to have the ATU (the one I sold a years back didn’t have one).

This is about what I expected – going back to 2010 technology. Hey – its better than trying to revive the old Orion technology – the Orion was first released in 2003 or so. I still think its sad that Ten Tec is just a shell of its former self – and wish the new owner good luck.


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