KY6R Optimized 40M Loop Frame on the Yaesu G450A

Getting the antenna square took some time and engineering

I got really close today to getting this on the air (but it took a bit longer than I expected). The frame is square and I have the wire threaded through the top support element. Tomorrow I will have the Wellbrook FLG100LN Preamp on the front and the 880 ohm resistor on the back. I will add a brace to the frame on each side and then figure out the best way to affix the Preamp and resistor so they are waterproof and balanced physically on the frame.

At first I wondered if the G450A is overkill – and now I am glad I went that route

Yeah – this is working out as good as my best hopes – physically speaking. Tomorrow I’ll find out if reality matches the EZNec model, but I do believe it will because I ran into this post by Jim, K9YC – where he is pretty much onto the same track as I am:

His conclusion – including using an NCC-1 phasing box with two loops is so close to what I am doing, I have really big confidence in this project. The Wellbrook preamp is a given – I still think Wellbrook loops are better than anything else – including the W6LVP loop – which has gotten a lot of attention lately.

I really like the FLG100LN because its the same very high quality and great engineered technology as the ALA1530LNP – which is really the cats meow – but on 40M I am very sure that the loop size and layout that I am trying here will fit like a glove.

Drum Roll – tomorrow is the day, and its exactly where I wanted to be on what is a nice 4 day weekend for me. I’ll use the KX-3 since its been used lately using the NCC-2 and RTR-2. I’ll have to turn off the Bias T that it sends to the Wellbrook – since it uses a two stage preamp – a preamp at the antenna with a second stage at the Bias T unit.

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