Huge Success: The KY6R Optimized 40M Delta Flag!

The completed KY6R Optimized 40M Delta Flag 

I did some testing today – one without the Wellbrook FLG100LN, and one with. There is no comparison – the Wellbrook preamp is what makes my design sing. The packaging of the remote preamp fits the frame I built perfectly. I now have a better version of the ALA1530LNP that I loved so much a few years back . . .

This design rocks for 40M – if you want to improve your 40M receive and knock out the noise

The DX Engineering NCC-2 really came to life today on 40M. As modeled – it also works great on 160, 80, 30 an 20.

Wellbrook FLG100LN Preamp

Three things that really stood out in my tests – first – the Front to Back Ratio is what the EZNec model said it would – I could totally null out stations that were off the back of the antenna. Secondly – the NCC-2 phased against the UrbanBeam really worked great – some signals were quieter on the UrbanBeam, and some the KY6R Loop (totally expected – having vertical and horizontal polarization is a good thing). In every case I could knock the noise almost completely away! The third thing was the big surprise – the KY6R Loop was always as strong as the UrbanBeam. This blew me away because the UrbanBeam is up 55′ (yes, soon to be 66′ – when I get around to it – heh heh).

The 880 ohm resistor – before I weather proofed it

I think loop antennas like the Wellbrook ALA1530LNP (still my all time favorite) or the W6LVP Loop (my second favorite) are fine – but they have no front to back but great front to side. What I have done is add SUPERB front to back where I can more surgically null out the noise, with the gain of the 1530LNP loop – which brings the gain of the KY6R Loop up into positive gain territory – rivaling the UrbanBeam up 55′. That’s freaking great – better than I expected – although the EZnec model did suggest that this would be the case. I guess I just thought it was “too good to be true” – and it sure is – heh heh.

The ultimate test will be getting the second loop up – hopefully next weekend, because phasing two of these buggers will be more awesome than even the two Wellbrook ALA1530LNP’s that I phased through the NCC-2 that I had back when I chased 160M DXCC.

Adding a second KY6R Loop into the NCC-2 will be amazing – can’t wait!

Its kind of funny – while working on this project I did ask myself “is it really worth it?”. I had those doubts as far as being a ham and chasing after awards is concerned – but from a “product” perspective – I feel like I just designed an antenna you can’t buy in any store – so that is where all this comes together to answer the question . . .

YES – it has been worth the effort. It was so much fun and it is an idea that now is a product (sort of – open source I guess).

If you love 40M as I do – this could help you with your 40M pursuit . . .

Oh – as a big bonus today – Elecraft Support answered my question – which was why the guy I purchased the K3 from had what looked like a KXV3 installed yet the radio reported that it wasn’t. You see – this rig has the 5 BNC jacks that the board has. Turns out – he had it turned OFF in the config.

That’s $200 I don’t have to spend and also won’t have to send my rig back to Elecraft. Great weekend – great day!


2 Comments on “Huge Success: The KY6R Optimized 40M Delta Flag!

  1. Nice!

    This has me thinking of duplicating one of your loops here. 40 Meters is also my favorite haunt as well. Just having the performance of one of those loops is plenty of directivity to tame summer thunderstorms up here in Wisconsin.


    Liked by 1 person

    • I’ll continue to post the “play by play” – so you can see how well they work. So far – ONE is better than the smaller circular loops – but those are broad banded to improve many bands. My design is optimized for 40M – but works well on all bands 160 – 20M.

      I’ll post lost more regarding how the Wellbrook FLG100LN works on these bands. And then post how two phased at 80′ separation works. Because one works as well as it does, I fully expect two to kick some serious butt.


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