The New KY6R Station

The RF Noise on 40M has me changing my station (yet again) . . . 

A friend says I change stations more often than I change my underwear. That is true (figuratively speaking of course!). A few years ago, I was a happy camper chasing DXCC on 160M and I had a similar setup – two Wellbrook Loops, an NCC-2 and on 160M – an Inverted L TX antenna. I did make DXCC on 160M in somewhere around 6 or 7 years, but when I started I wasn’t very serious. I probably could have done it in 3 years if I were in a big hurry. Most of that was just the fact that there aren’t as many hams on 160M as the higher bands.

The redwood lumber Delta Flag rotatable frame

I’ve detailed the lumber just in case anyone wants to build this. It did turn out to be exactly the right choice of materials – I almost switched to fiberglass “Crappie” fishing poles, but I’m really glad I went with redwood.

I could either use an NCC-2 or NCC-1, either will work since in the end – it will be used with the K3 that has 2 receivers and the KXV3 board – meaning it has an RX IN and an IF out. The NCC device goes into the RX in, and no RTR-2 is needed – that’s why an NCC-1 would suffice. Fir the KX3, the NCC-2 with the RTR-2 is manditory, and that was the main reason I (re) purchased the NCC-2.

On the laptop, I will use Win4K3Suite – the only Panadapter software I like – it has been fabulous with the KX-3 and for the K3 I will need to add a cheapie SDRPlay RSP1A – so I can take the IF out into the RSP1A and then into the laptop for my panadapter. I never cared for the Elecraft P3, and while some have raved about the LP-PAN panadapter, it sounds like you still need a sound card  – and I do not want to have an LP-PAN and Xonar in the mix – I’ve finally gotten rid of the rats nest of wires on my operating table / bench.

OK – boy, for what I do, only the K3 works and is selling on the used market at a reasonable price. I looked at new rigs – and forget about it – I’d have to spend a good $3000, and the K3 I purchased was just a tad more than half of that. I also wanted to avoid an LCD screen – Win4K3Suite does everything and more than any of the LCD / touch screens out there. I remembered a couple rig that ended up having OLED / Touch screen issues, and also at least one rig where they couldn’t get replacement LCD screens – so in my book – the “utilitarian” K3 is still my favorite rig. I needed support because the KXV3 board wasn’t turned on – and I got an email reply yesterday – when I expected everyone would be off on vacation. I sure hope Elecraft does well with the K4 and that everyone purchases one – the used K3 market will benefit for buyers!

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