Dual Diversity Receiver Testing

I’ve completed a few tests already, and have several more to do

As expected (or at least hoped), the Wellbrook FLG100LN beat just having a 75 / 50 ohm xfmr at the feedpoint

  1. There was no contest with this first test, and the Wellbrook preamp is the clear winner.

This configuration of the NCC-2 was great for the KX-3, but it just isn’t as good as dual diversity receive

2. If the KX-3 had two receivers it would be the PERFECT rig for my needs these days. However, it doesn’t have the second receiver so I had to use this config to at least be able to mix and phase the UrbanBeam against the KY6R Optimized 40M Delta Flag.

To Do:

It actually worked VERY well, but I am going in for the dual diversity kill – I want two of the KY6R loops phased and then fed into the K3 on the RF AUX port to the sub receiver. This will then be used against the UrbanBeam on ANT 1 – with stereo dual diversity in all its glory.

Somewhat related – I need to get the SDRPlay RSP1 set up as the panadapter with the K3 and WIn4K3Suite. Its amazing how great the ASUS Xonar works with the KX-3 and Win4K3Suite – I sure hope the SDRPlay gives me similar results. Its kind of funny that the K3 never has had an RX IQ port – like the KX-3 does – that’s one thing the KX-3 has over the K3! But in any case, they both can end up being controlled and working with the superb WIn4K3Suite Panadapter.

OK – I guess the only thing I won’t bother testing is feeding one of the KY6R Delta Flag’s at each end as I had done years ago with the K6SE Flag. This time around I have two rotatable flags (I have to build and set up the second one this coming weekend), so I won’t bother with anything that doesn’t have the Wellbrook Preamp and pattern of two of these fine RX antennas.

Its nice when reality matches the EZNec model – it gives you a feeling that you have created a product.


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