More Fun With The SDRPlay RSP1A K3 Panadapter

Jim, N6TQ of VK0EK Fame, Having a QSO with a JA on 80M 

Not all of the noise that I have experiencing has been made made QRM – some of it is noise generated by being at the very depths of this solar cycle. In fact, 80M sounds like 40M usually does – and 40M has man made and atmospheric noise.

40M hasn’t been as good as 80M, and I’ve heard 160M

While researching the RSP1A as a Panadapter, I saw some posts where someone said the LP-PAN was better, and very few said the P3 was better. I had a P3 and PX3, and neither impressed me in the past. In fact, like many others, I didn’t even look at them and I sold them.

I looked into the LP-PAN, and besides the fact that you can’t buy one (they aren’t doing a manufacturing run right now), you also need a sound card – which would be “OK” – but would require yet more outboard gear (my Xonar is great on this ASUS laptop). But I actually think I know why the fellow complained that the SDRPlay RSP1A with Win4K3Suite didn’t seem to pick out weak signals – because I experienced this at first and had a “gulp” thinking I just wasted money on the RSP1A. As soon as I installed the additional SDR scope driver (documented on the WIn4K3SUite website and set the Global Offset to -6530, then the panadapter came to life. Me thinks someone didn’t read Tom’s documentation – its easy to miss.

The only problem I have been having is this damned Tripplite Keyspan RS232 to USB adapter – it keeps crashing WIndows 10. I noticed the driver is from 2010 – so that is surely what the deal is. I need to find a better adapter.

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